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College Baseball Recruiting,
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Gain exposure to college baseball recruiters by entering our database of high school baseball players. This database is at the fingertips of over 1650 colleges and universities.

High school baseball players wanting to play at the next level need every tool they can get.
Baseball Clearing House provides that tool. Skills combines, evaluations and video that College and Professional coaches seek out and trust.

  • 40 and 60 yard times.
  • Home to first times.
  • Radar tee velocity.
  • Batting practice---Video
  • Catcher pop times and veloctiy radar---Video
  • Outfield velocity radar---Video
  • Infield velocity radar---Video
  • Pitchers bullpen radar---Video

college baseball recruiting

Player News

Tyler Ackard

Tyler Ackard

Tyler Ackard is a 2015 Utl player attending (07/03/14) ... more

Zachary Altieri

Zachary Altieri

Zachary Altieri is a 2015 RHP 6\'4 attending (07/03/14) ... more

Douglas Angeli

Douglas Angeli

Douglas Angeli 2017 IF attending (07/03/14) ... more

Cameron Jenson

Cameron Jenson

Cameron Jenson 2016 OF attending (07/03/14) ... more

Desmond Lindsey

Desmond Lindsey

Desmond Lindsey 2015 1B (FL) (07/03/14) ... more

Tim Newell

Tim Newell

Tim Newell 6\'4-205,2016 RHP attending (07/03/14) ... more

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Video Messages

Pay to Play in College?.....everyone will!

Pay to Play in College? How college scholarships are distributed....

Tim Newell
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Troy Bettinger Report (VA)

2015 LHP profile, and scouting report... 08/22/2013... more

Noah Abril Report (VA)

2016 2B profile, and scouting report... 08/22/2013... more

Bruce Reid Report (VA)

2014 OF profile, and scouting report... 03/06/2013... more

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Event Coverage

April 2015 Portsmouth Skills Combine

(04/19/15) ... more

2013 Peninsula Pilots College Instructional Showcase

Skills Combine Results (11/18/13) ... more

Virginia Skills Combine- June 1, 2013 Portsmouth

Virginia Skills Combine June 1st at Alliance Christian Academy in Portsmouth,VA (06/01/13) ... more

2012 Fall Lousiana Showcase

2012 Fall Louisiana Showcase -November 10,2012 (12/10/12) ... more

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